About this site

Sky High Murals is the largest outdoor mural company in the country. We hand paint advertisements, murals, public art projects, fine art canvases, and large commercial signage anywhere our clients need us.

Non-profit Painting

Sky High Murals has painted a wide variety of murals for non-profits all over the
country. Some past clients include the DOE Fund, Red, Above The Influence,
New Museum, and MoMA.

Painting the “Gates” project for the New Museum

Our lady of Guadalupe for a church in the Bronx

Large painted mural for the New York Aquarium on the coney Island Boardwalk

The complete NY Aquarium painted mural

The Doe fund in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Advertisement for an exhibit at the New Museum

(Red) AIDS awareness campaign in Manhattan

One of 15 painted Gates for the New Museum and Art Production Fund