About this site

Sky High Murals is the largest outdoor mural company in the country. We hand paint advertisements, murals, public art projects, fine art canvases, and large commercial signage anywhere our clients need us.

Fine Art Painting

Sky High Murals has worked with a number of well-known galleries including the
Shifrazi gallery and Deitch projects, in addition to renowned artists such as Sarah
Morris and Alex Katz. Whether it’s painting canvases for an upcoming show, or large
scale exterior projects, Sky High has the experience to produce flawless work that’s
up to the standards of the most demanding artists and galleries. 

Dennis Hopper painted reproduction from original photograph

Finished Dennis Hopper painting hanging at the gallery

Painting a large Dennis hopper painting

Working on the Hopper paintings in our studio

Finished Dennis Hopper painted canvas in the gallery

Dennis Hopper exhibition at the Shafrazi gallery

A thank you note from Dennis Hopper to our team

"Scribble" for the New York Public Art Fund in Soho

Alex Katz wallscape for the Metropolitan Museum of Art Van Gogh exhibit

Painted wall for street artist D*Face

hand painted sign lettering for Stefan Sagmeister at Deitch Projects

Lisa Sanditz wallscape for a Van Gogh exhibit at the MET

"The Birds" painted for a Nic Hess show at the swiss institute in Soho