About this site

Sky High Murals is the largest outdoor mural company in the country. We hand paint advertisements, murals, public art projects, fine art canvases, and large commercial signage anywhere our clients need us.

Commercial Painting

Sky High Murals is a licensed rigging company, fully insured to execute any size
commercial painting job. We have the in-house capabilities and the experience to
quickly and efficiently paint any size industrial painting project. 

Iconic painted mural for the Bowery Bar in New York

Hand painted Bacardi ad

Chelsea market commercial sign lettering

"Lips" for Dianne Von Furstenberg

Wallscape for EMI for a promotional poster inside Billboard magazine

"A love letter to brooklyn" hand painted lettering for artist Espo

Lever House ceiling on Park Avenue

Moishe’s self storage on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway

Painted reproduction of the iconic Supreme sticker in Soho