About this site

Sky High Murals is the largest outdoor mural company in the country. We hand paint advertisements, murals, public art projects, fine art canvases, and large commercial signage anywhere our clients need us.

Public Art Painting

Sky High is also known for executing large scale, public art. We are the only company
that can paint on a massive scale, while maintaining the integrity of the original
artwork. We have experience working with city beautification committees, acquiring
necessary permits and assisting our clients through the Landmarks approval process. 

"Let them eat crack" painted mural for artist Banksy

One of 5 Banksy painted walls in Soho

D*Face painted wallscape in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Painted mural for Middlebury College in Vermont

"A Love letter to Brooklyn" signage for artist Espo

"Der Lange Atem" hand painted public artwork in Austria

Sarah Morris installation at the Lever House

Completed Sarah Morris installation at the Lever House