About this site

Sky High Murals is the largest outdoor mural company in the country. We hand paint advertisements, murals, public art projects, fine art canvases, and large commercial signage anywhere our clients need us.

Advertising Murals

Sky High Murals is the absolute leader in the painted advertising sign industry. We 
paint over 300 advertising walls a year and have the know-how and experience to
paint any size advertising sign in perfect photo realistic detail. We’ve worked with
almost every major advertiser and have an extensive portfolio of painted advertising 
signs. Please see our sister company’s website: colossalmedia.com, for more of our
wallscape work. 

"Hopper Lives", large Vans painted ad in New York

GNC painted ad in New York

Barneys, Marc Jacobs painted ad in the West Villiage

Red Stripe painted ad in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Movie ad in Soho

Close-up of Bushmills ad

Extremely Loud painted ad on Lafayette Street

Large Crunch Fitness painted ad

Dianne Von Furstenberg painted ad in the Meat Packing District

One of 6 evolutions of a hand painted Syfy ad

Very detailed Sucker Punch painted ad

Large Smirnoff painted ad on Spring & Lafayette street

Hand painted Bushmills wall on Bedford avenue in Williamsburg